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jurors to hold zimmerman accountable. his defense team claims it was self-defense. marcy gonzales is following the courtroom action. >> a teenager is dead. >> the state wrapping up closing arguments in the george zimmerman murder trial making an effort to convince the jury zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin because he wanted to. >> why does this defendant get out of the car if he thinks trayvon martin is a threat to him? why? why? because he's got a gun. >> the prosecutor tran planed to pull at the heart strings of the six women. >> this is one of the last photos that will be taken of trayvon martin. because of the actions of one individual, the defendant george zimmerman. >> the defense maintained zimmerman acted in self-defense and trying to get the jury to acquit to leave the courtroom believing zimmerman killed martin because he was being attacked and ha to shoot. zimmerman pleaded not guilty to second degree murder but the injury will -- jury will have an option to convict the hearingr whether or not to allow lesser charges heated this morn whgt prosecution request addi
. >> george zimmerman will not be testifying in florida. defense lawyers rested their case after calling 18 witnesses. both sides tried to prufr their case. the prosecution claimed he if he had attacked zimmerman, zimmerman would not have been able to reach his gun. >> apple and samsung are fierce competitors and now both rushing to build head quarters in silicon valley. abc 7 news david lieu gee live for what westbound lb a skyline changing structure. >> yes. you know north first street can be described as a series of squat low rise building that's look pedestrian. samsung building a high rise going to change everything. samsung putting up what it hopes will be a new headquarters reflecting technology. a 10-story $300 million building with places for people to interact. more spaces will be open to invite collaboration. no one will be more than a floor away. the architect says that helps employees stay focused. >> anywhere you're going they can talk and have meetings and they're hard to have if you're across town. you've got to go whenever it might oob this will be home to samsung's researc
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2